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Debt Advisory

Debt Advisory

KPMG provides assistance in raising financing considering the range of potential sources of capital.

KPMG provides assistance in raising financing considering the range of potential sources

KPMG assists in raising financing with bank loans, syndicated loans from International and Russian banks, private equity funds and venture funds, strategic investors, leasing, Bonds (including Eurobonds), capital markets (IPOs), real estate financing, Public-Private Partnerships.


KPMG specialists have extensive experience with projects involving the attraction of financing. Some have previously worked in leading Russian and International banks and investment funds, and are familiar with their requirements. In our work, we proceed on the basis that the main task is not simply to attract debt or equity financing, but to optimize the terms of financing for the client and in the end to increase the value of the client's business. To this end, we pay considerable attention to preliminary preparations and raising the investment appeal of the business for the selected type of investors, the development of the appropriate measures to increase the capitalization and/or reduce the cost of borrowing, which makes it possible to achieve the best results.

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Infrastructure and Public Private Partnership

Financing infrastructure development promotes social and economic improvements, but it also creates new challenges. Unfamiliar financial risks, complexity and uncertainty of major infrastructure projects – to name a few. Additionally, traditional financing sources can no longer be enough for infrastructure financing.

One of the most important, but complex ways to realize infrastructure projects is to use Public-Private Partnerships. PPPs are a special type of cooperation between the public and private sectors aimed at carrying out long-term investment projects in the social and infrastructure sphere, particularly where it is important to retain an element of public sector oversight or control over the service or asset.

How KPMG can help

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