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Data & analytics and Big Data

Data & analytics and Big Data

A variety of internal and external data sources creates an opportunity for in-depth detailed analysis of the company activity.

Data & analytics and Big Data

External data sources, such as social networks and newscasts, generate massive amounts of structured and unstructured information, skillful and timely processing of which has a real-time impact on companies’ strategy. At the same time internal data sources, such as accounting information obtained from branch offices, consumer demand statistics and operational production data also enable real-time decision-making about effective resource redistribution.

KPMG helps companies gain a competitive advantage, increase revenues and profits, reduce costs and reach a new level in managing its risks with the help of data & analytics. We actively invest into developing competencies in the methods and techniques of analysis of large amounts of data («Big Data»), development of corporate data warehouses (DWH) and business intelligence.

Analysis of large amounts of data
Our experts with knowledge of the business and relevant technical skills will develop a strategy for working with large amounts of data, which would be aimed at strengthening the competitive advantage and increasing the efficiency of the company.

Corporate Data Warehouse (DWH)
KPMG specialists will prepare a feasibility study for DWH implementation, design a data model and ensure the quality of solutions implemented by contractors.

Quality Management Data
We will ensure that the three major attributes of your data are maintained: accuracy, completeness and compliance with assigned tasks.

Management of risks
With the help of data KPMG will find the most effective ways to reduce risks, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and improve the efficiency of the company’s control environment.

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