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Information protection and cybersecurity

Information protection and cybersecurity

KPMG Cybersecurity experts propose solutions for your business that would be efficient in terms of swiftly changing digital world.

KPMG Cybersecurity experts propose solutions for your business

Information and communication technology (ICT) today forms the basis of nearly all business processes, and the idea "he who owns the information owns the world" is now more relevant than ever. In short, in today's world one of the most valuable assets of an organisation is information. It has a huge impact on many social processes, and that is why the appropriate protection of a company's data is an essential prerequisite for competitiveness and development, and why inadequate protection may result in significant implications for an organisation, including the termination of operations. Unfortunately, many such cases have been observed in the past few years. KPMG offers information security (IS) services that offer protection to both the organisational and technical aspects of a company’s business.

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