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Digital solutions

Digital solutions

Use of advanced technologies to develop and license software for industrial and financial clients.

Use of advanced technologies to develop and license software for clients.

Digital solutions team provides industrial and financial clients with easy-to-use tools to optimize traditional business processes, minimize internal fraud risks and facilitate a decision making process for end users.

KPMG products:

1. For internal audit, economic security and compliance services:

• Risk RADAR is an analytical tool to detect suspicious counterparties and transactions based on the results of analysis of the client’s internal data sources (CRM, ERP, etc.) and external databases.

Site Surveyor – a tool for smart air monitoring using an unmanned aerial vehicle (drones).

• Robotic automation of business processes.

• Chat bots designed to improve customer experience.

• QlikSense-based BI solutions:
- top manager smart desktop;
- analysis of commercial operations and improving distribution efficiency using machine learning;
- analysis of corporate purchases to detect fraud, suspicious transactions, promotion of the company;
- analysis of the employees’ behavior to identify signs of fraud, untrustworthy behavior, intentions to leave the company;
- diagnostics of planning and budgeting systems based on the analysis of actual/planned expense history;
- analysis of the company's financial performance, identification of the cost reduction opportunities.

2. FinTech and RegTech – development and deployment of banking solutions based on the following advanced technologies:

• Loan Forensic is a machine learning–enabled solution to predict fraud by borrowers.

• CRS Tool is an automated solution to ensure bank's compliance with the legislative CRS/FATCA requirements (in progress).

• OSV Monitor is an automated processing pipeline for primary financial documentation, consolidation of financial statements and automated scoring of non-financial risk factors with further integration into the systems of credit institutions.

Our advantages:

• In-house specialists (architects, product managers, designers, business analysts and developers (С#, Java, Python, Solidity)).

• Developing “turnkey” tools (from developing the product specifications to integrating the solution into the client’s IT infrastructure).

• Experience in working with various industries and business functions.

• Experience in flexible Agile development ensuring effective communication with the customer throughout the process (planning, receiving customer's feedback, adjusting the requirements) and development of software in compliance with the customer’s requirements.

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