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Corporate innovations & Technology brokerage

Corporate innovations & Technology brokerage

Development of corporate innovations and digitalization strategies, analysis of new technologies risks.

Development of corporate innovations and digitalization strategies.

KPMG helps large companies to audit their innovation readiness level, develop corporate innovations, internal entrepreneurship and venture investments focused on industrial and information technologies.

Our services include:

• Audit of innovation reserve

KPMG evaluates the company’s level of innovation development and maturity to offer improvement measures: organization of internal processes, innovation culture, development of innovation development strategy and KPIs.

• Startup integration

Search for startups, teams, products and technologies in the Russian and international markets at the company's request with further integration services. We provide assistance to business units in making an internal request for innovations and perform an entire set of procedures to create a short list of projects and startup integration.

Acceleration of technological processes

  • Acceleration of technological processes development to ensure their scalability or close the projects based on the results of business hypothesis review.
  • • Management organization of internal and open market projects.
  • • Use of the following methods: Lean Startup, Agile, Customer development, Design thinking.
  • • Involving technological brokers – leading experts with professional experience in innovative blocks of the largest high-tech companies.

• Creation of venture funds

KPMG provides comprehensive advisory support at all life-cycle stages of the fund including design, development, launch and operation.

• Trainings

KPMG training center helps employees and top management to gain necessary skills and learn methods of innovative thinking and innovation development in the company focused both at breakthrough innovations, and supportive and optimizing approaches. Used methods and concepts: Customer development, Agile, Scrum, Lean startup, Design thinking and others.

• Monitoring latest technologies and technological trends. Analyzing their impact on business

• Building the corporate innovation function

• Creating Innovation Outpost

Innovation Outpost (IO) is a dedicated project office located in a globally recognized innovation ecosystem operating in an open innovations format and designed to search for, and attract innovative solutions and technologies, perform their assessment and further pilot launch and integration into business.

• Import substitution risk management strategy in technology

To ensure success of the import substitution policy, KPMG helps build a product added value creation strategy both in the local market and to export products into foreign countries based on the successful global experience.

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