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Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies

KPMG focuses on the use of innovative tools in its business activities and the development of digital economy.

KPMG focuses on the use of innovative tools and the development of digital economy.

Innovative technologies is top of the agenda in all industries and businesses. We strive to anticipate our clients’ needs by offering relevant products and services already today. We help our clients gain understanding of innovative technologies, such as:

• Big Data analysis and machine learning;
• Blockchain;
• Internet of Things;
• Automation and robotic automation;
• Artificial intelligence;
• Wearable devices;
• Image/text/speech smart recognition;
• Virtual and augmented reality.

Together with the client, we identify business-relevant emerging technologies and assist with their implementation to deal with current risk management and fraud investigation issues, identify weaknesses in business processes, improve performance, sales and customer experience and reduce costs. We also help our clients to identify priority areas of technological development, design innovative strategy, seek and gain relevant experience, knowledge and science and technology solutions, and implement up-to-date corporate governance principles to become a technological leader in the market.

The emerging technologies team extensively cooperates and shares experience with other KPMG offices and innovation centers. We frequently use KPMG international experience in innovative technology to solve client’s issues.

Perspective technologies and innovations team’s main activities:

• Developing and testing pilot projects using innovative technologies.
• Development, implementation and support of standard and customized products and solutions.
• Advisory services in implementation and application of innovative technologies.
• Using technologies for risk management purposes.
• Advisory services in creating an innovative potential in the company, developing and introducing the innovation strategy.
• Innovative technologies research and analytics.

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