Technology solution search criteria

  • Company internal request
  • Availability of strong competencies for a project, capability to implement a pilot launch
  • Positive assessment of leading experts in technology transfer with experience in innovation divisions of major knowledge-intensive companies
  • High potential to scale a solution across a company’s business
  • Successful completion of the pilot phase and team readiness for cooperation
  • Level of maturity (IP rights) and applicability of technologies (practical application and expert opinion)

Our service offering

  • Making a request based on key technology areas, development of a value proposition, presentation of the request to the market according to search criteria
  • Organization of a large-scale search for projects with the involvement of all key market players, our partners, from Gubkin Russian University of Oil and Gas, Skolkovo, IIDF to major technology companies
  • Pre-selection of projects through initial scoring and assessment, involving technology brokers and using project readiness assessment methodologies
  • Work on accelerated development (acceleration) and preparation of selected projects for successful presentation at a meeting of the ITAT R&D Committee
  • Support of pilot projects in terms of their compliance with entrepreneurial methodologies and the target parameters of pilots
  • Conducting patent and bibliometric research to identify trends in innovative developments and the level of maturity of promising technologies
  • Implementation of an IT platform for the full innovation cycle

Our advantages

  • Global network of innovation centers and partnerships (Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, USA, Singapore, Australia, China)
  • Huge database of data sources
  • Validated benchmarking databases
  • Regular research in new technologies