Benefits of technology

Today, chatbots are full-featured virtual assistants who can fully support conversation with humans, imitate natural speech.

Traditionally, a chatbot uses a text (web, e-mail, various instant messengers) interface for communication. However, with specialized modules for voice recognition and synthesizing human speech connected, it can communicate with the voice using a familiar way for humans, for example, by phone.

Text and voice bots effectively help our clients:

  • Improve the provision of services in 24/7/365 mode
  • Increase the speed and quality of communication
  • Free operators from routine calls
  • Reduce operator costs by 3–4 times
  • Introduce new marketing channels, improve lead generation
  • Protect business processes in the event of pandemics and regulatory restrictions on office visits

Examples of use

  • Organization of first line support
  • Cold calling to sell goods, services
  • Questionnaires and opinion polls
  • Informing customers about ongoing promotions and special offers
  • Lead generation
  • Work with debtors
  • Surveys on the quality of services rendered

Our service offering

The KPMG team leverages its versatile expertise in the analysis of business processes, industry specifics, strategic consulting and risk management for successful project execution. The partnership of KPMG with domestic and foreign leading vendors allows us to prepare the most suitable offer for each client.

We recognize the importance of change management when integrating new software products. As part of each partner product implementation project, our team:

  • identifies a client's business requirements for a chatbot
  • provides comprehensive platform configuration and implementation services: developing dialog scenarios, integration with internal and external systems
  • supervises the work of vendors and integrators
  • acts as a one-stop shop on all emerging issues and situations
  • provides technical and other support