Benefits of technology

Despite the popularity of electronic document management (EDM) systems, the issue of paper-based document processing is relevant for many companies. The OCR/ICR technology is designed for optical recognition and digitization of a company's document flow. This technology can increase efficiency, and in some cases even replace a human in the processes of document processing and verification.

According to KPMG, in most companies, OCR systems covered less than 20% of the document flow in 2019. In only 11% of companies, optical recognition systems covered more than 90% of the document flow.

Examples of use

  • Customer service
  • Operations
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Vendor document flow
  • Records management
  • Sales
  • Archiving and storage

The experience of KPMG shows that the greatest effect is achieved by using OCR technologies with other intelligent automation technologies, such as RPA and chatbots.

The recognition module takes over the tasks of analyzing and classifying incoming documentation, sorting it, extracting data and converting it into machine-readable text for further analysis/transfer to systems.

The partnership of KPMG with domestic and foreign leading vendors allows us to prepare the most suitable offer for each client.