By helping our clients follow advanced digital practices, we provide services for the creation of centers of excellent for intelligent automation, which play a key role in maximizing its results. 

Advantages of the creation of a center of excellence

  • Development and optimization of products and services
  • Continuous focus on the needs of an internal and an external customer
  • High business control
  • Prioritization of activities based on current business needs and demands
  • Solving complex problems without outsourcing
  • A unified approach to the selection and application of intelligent automation solutions within a company

Our service offering

Methodological support in the establishment of a center of excellence

  • Development of its operating model based on seven aspects
  • Recommendations for selecting a target operating model of a center of excellence taking into account the industry specifics of a client (Methodological Center, Enterprise-wide Service, Hybrid Model)
  • Description of options and directions of technological development of a center of excellence for the near future

Assistance in the staff selection process for a center of excellence

  • Audit of the target structure of the center
  • Description of standard roles of employees and calculation of headcount
  • Formalization of recommendations on personnel requirements
  • Supporting the planning and conducting training of AI analysts, developers and business users

Methodological support for the activities of the center of excellence (first months of work in transition)