KPMG uses its own comprehensive methodology for analyzing client business processes. We help you identify top priority processes for intelligent automation to achieve a maximum effect possible. Several approaches can be applied to projects, as well as a combination of them:

The classic approach consists of several stages:

  • examination of existing documentation
  • drafting a long list of processes having potential to be robotized
  • interviews with line managers
  • photographing a working day of staff
  • collection of process indicators (drivers) to assess quantitative effects
  • drafting a short list of processes with priorities and potential effects

The innovative approach involves the use of technologies such as Process Mining and Process Discovery. With the help of special software, maps and process models are built, and the search for bottlenecks and opportunities for increasing efficiency is conducted.

Based on the results of the analysis, the most preferred option of intelligent automation (robotization, introduction of a fully-packed product) for each of the processes is selected, and a detailed business/investment case is prepared.