HR automation/digitalization projects require a comprehensive approach due to the complexity of HR processes as they involve all employees of a company, there are many aspects and restrictions that need to be taken into account, such as labor laws, taxes, cost management, protection of personal data, information confidentiality.

KPMG has all the necessary knowledge, skills and industry expertise that organizations may need to begin digital transformation in HR immediately.

We help our clients develop and implement cutting-edge solutions to automate key HR service processes: recruitment, administration, staff accounting, time tracking, compensation and benefits, employee training, performance review, onboarding and internal communications.

All solutions can be integrated into a single ecosystem.

Our solutions

Distance learning platform for employees

  • A tool to conduct training and monitor training progress
  • A bit of academic, but mostly practical
  • Library of ready-made courses, possibility of customization
  • Material presentation through case studies using gamification
  • The content is brief and to the point – a course takes no more than 40–45 minutes to complete
  • The theoretical part of the course contains an analysis of case studies with comments
  • The knowledge gained during a course is assessed through testing
  • The platform allows you to flexibly assign trainings to departments or specific employees

Platform for collecting employees’ innovative ideas

We offer an IT system that enables you to collect ideas from employees and has the following functionality:

  • for employees: submitting ideas, receiving a rating for the idea, earning points;
  • for experts and HR professionals: collecting, sorting and evaluating ideas, maintaining a library, identifying trends and relationships, organizing polls and votes, elements of gamification and analytics, economic evaluation of ideas.

We conduct comprehensive projects from the development of functional and technical requirements for software to its implementation and integration with a customer's internal systems.

Talent management platform

  • A personal account for a head, subordinate monitoring tools and their digital profile, incl. achievements, performance, skills, business qualities, etc.
  • Automated recommendation model for staff development and training plans, selection of candidates for vacant positions and cross-functional projects
  • System of goal-setting and employee performance assessment using OKR and KPI methodologies
  • Collaboration and continuous feedback tools
  • Possible integration with KPMG Corporate Business University and the Platform for collecting employees’ innovative ideas

Automation of selection and employment of candidates using machine learning technologies: based on the profile of the ideal candidate, the system automatically searches for suitable specialists on sites with vacancies and in social networks.

The system is also able to filter incoming applications according to given criteria, to test and evaluate candidates.

Automation of HR document management, including:

  • Automatic recognition, classification and check of the completeness of a document package provided by an employee for the hiring purposes: ID, SNILS (Personal Insurance Account Number), candidate's questionnaire, TIN, military document, employment record book, diploma, marriage certificate, certificate 182-N, etc.
  • Preparation of an employment contract, order, T2 card
  • Entering data into target systems using additional robotization

Control of mass personnel through implementation of:

  • a WFM system for calculating an optimal headcount and planning staff schedules
  • a biometric HR kiosk to record the time of employees coming to work, absenteeism and overtime
  • Systems for setting goals, individual/group motivation and real-time monitoring of employee development through gamification

For a more detailed description of our solutions and services, please refer to the brochure at the link below.