Today, companies are often seen to analyze large amounts of data using traditional data processing software.

Business requires a data-driven management approach, with not only data kept in order, but also each solution supported with analysis based on comprehensive data analysis.

In order to have a complex data model for decision making, a company needs to take into account both internal and external data sources: social networks and news reports, accounting information received from branches, consumer demand statistics and operational production data.

KPMG undertakes data analysis projects based on full cycle costs, including:

Data analysis and modeling

KPMG professionals develop data models based on both a traditional approach and advanced analytics (machine learning, artificial intelligence).

To test various hypotheses for using data as a decision support tool, data discovery sessions are held.

Advanced data management

Data management is the design, execution, and oversight of plans, policies, programs, practices, and tools that ensure, monitor, protect, and enhance the value of data and information throughout the lifecycle.

Advanced KPMG data management is a concept aimed at helping organizations understand and improve the maturity level of use of their data. This will enable them to derive maximum benefit from approaches to data analysis.

Design and implementation

The Digital Group carries out projects to develop full-cycle software, including data extraction and transformation (ETL), implementation of data warehouses and data marts, implementation and integration of ML models and BI tools into client business processes.

Below you can find a description of some of our projects for major companies representing various industries.