According to KPMG study Compliance in the CIS and Post-Soviet Countries: Current Issues and Trends conducted in 2020, compliance and security functions are showing an ever increasing demand for business process automation and plan to introduce digital solutions in the next two to three years.

The KPMG Digital Group has transformed its expertise in economic security and risk management into fully-packed IT products enabling customers to save time and money on the set-up of a control environment and effective monitoring of high-risk processes and operations. We have developed a compliance and security digital transformation system that includes a number of software modules enabling to automate and optimize compliance and security functions:

KPMG Case Management

  • Registration and maintaining registers of incidents and hotline reports
  • Monitoring the status of complaints and procedures
  • Sending automatic mail notifications to responsible employees
  • Generation and download of reports and statistics in various formats
  • Maintenance of multifactor statistics

Management of risks and control procedures

  • Storage of all risk information in a single system
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment
  • Monitoring the status of measures and control procedures
  • Sending automatic notifications to process participants, separate roles and access rights
  • Generation of reports in various formats and with a different level of detail


  • Assessment of financial stability and credit quality, identification of tax and reputational risks
  • Sanction and antitrust compliance
  • Identification of affiliations and potential conflicts of interest
  • Accreditation of new counterparties
  • Staff and candidate background checks
  • Declaration of conflicts of interest

More detail on the system is available at

KPMG Corporate Training Hub

  • Remote training and testing of employees
  • Tracking of training statistics, automatic notifications
  • Compliance and security course library, customization capability
  • Integration capability with chatbots to answer the most frequent questions of employees; monitoring of legal developments

Other solutions and technologies

  • Site Surveyor ( is a platform for monitoring the progress of construction works through the analysis of data obtained from aerial photographs
  • Intelligent assistants, software robots, artificial intelligence

For a more detailed description of our solutions and services, as well as the completed projects for leading companies from various industries, see the brochure at the link below.