Digitalization of production and administrative and management processes, automation and implementation of advanced technologies and IT solutions are key areas for the development of leading market players. In today's realities, companies generate and process huge amounts of information every day. At the same time, fraudsters also take advantage of high technology and digitalization to constantly improve their schemes and algorithms for embezzlement of funds, stealing confidential information and other illegal actions.

Our team has extensive experience in investigating and countering fraud in various areas of business. We develop and implement reliable risk management systems for internal and external fraud, including methodological (process analysis, development of policies and regulations, anti-fraud rules and controls) and technological (development of business and technical requirements, implementation of anti-fraud applications and platforms) components.

KPMG is a partner of technology companies having proprietary solutions and software in the following areas:

  • Real-time transaction analysis
  • Cross-channel anti-fraud systems for banking processes
  • Text and speech recognition
  • Verification of documents of individuals
  • Identification of digital forgeries
  • Biometric identification and authentication
  • DLP and Data Classification systems

What we do

  • Assess the current processes to determine the potential for automation, and prepare maps of target processes
  • Help you find IT solutions for automation
  • Support the implementation of the selected IT solution: from drafting functional and technical requirements to putting into pilot operation
  • Provide methodological support at all stages of automation by giving advice to and training users, preparing instructions, regulations and policies in the field of risk management