Information security user awareness

Information security user awareness

KPMG Cybersecurity experts propose solutions for your business that would be efficient in terms of swiftly changing digital world.

We prepare training materials and perform awareness assessment by imitating..

Employee information security awareness assessment (social engineering)

This assessment is performed by imitating the most common and effective attacks and techniques used by hackers and is designed to ensure the efficiency of existing corporate security policies, security measures and employee training programmes. For example, a phishing attack can be carried out through bulk mailing, and creates the impression that the emails were sent on behalf of popular brands, customer service departments, or from people familiar to the recipient. All email recipients who opened the letter, clicked on the link, launched the attached application, and entered their credentials on the fake website are tracked. The detailed statistics provides an overall picture of the company and allows to determine the corrective measures on an individual basis.

Designing employee information security training programmes

As part of this service, we prepare training materials aimed at improving employee information security awareness. We design bespoke programmes and materials designed to address the specific needs of the client in the best possible way. Trainings can be prepared in the form of a presentation or a computer-based practical course with automated knowledge assessment. Both training and assessment are individually tailored to the client’s needs.

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