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People Management

People Management

People Management team develops strategies for the attraction, development, motivation, retention and management of people.

KPMG team develops strategies for the attraction, development and management of people.

Our People & Change team helps our clients to develop an optimal organizational structure and find in it the place for the right people with the right experience and skill sets. We develop solutions and plans that help the management and the HR teams to work together to deliver the strategy for developing the human capital of the organization. 


Service area Services
HR development strategy
  • Development of HR strategies
  • Transformation of HR operating model
  • HR digital transformation
Remuneration systems
  • Development of material and non-material motivation systems
  • Development of long-term incentive programs (LTIPs)
  • Grading using KPMG’s international methodology (sKale)
Performance management
  • Developing solutions for performance management
  • Development of balanced scorecards
  • Development of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Implementation of goal setting systems and decomposition of strategic goals
Talent management
  • Workforce planning
  • Personnel assessment
  • Development of training and development programs
  • Development of leadership models
  • Development and increasing the effectiveness of talent pool and succession management
  • HR brand audit and development of employee value propositions (EVP)
Corporate culture
  • Corporate culture diagnostics
  • Corporate culture transformation
  • Regular salary surveys
  • Research in HR trends
  • Research in Change management
  • Targeted research in Russian and international markets based on clients’ requests

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