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Business Processes Outsourcing

Business Processes Outsourcing

KPMG professionals help clients achieve cost efficiency and improve their business performance.

KPMG team helps companies improve their operations and gain significant cost savings.

Driven by the desire to reduce costs, get greater access to qualified talent, harmonize processes, control risk and focus more on core competencies, companies have turned to outsourcing as mean of gaining enhanced competitiveness. KPMG assists our clients in all stages and functional areas of outsourcing.

We help our Clients to compete more effectively by transforming their internal operations through:

  • defining outsourcing strategy;
  • designing outsourcing operating model including scope, processes, partner governance model, pricing model, SLA and KPIs, etc.;
  • drafting outsourcing contract, including legal support;
  • supporting negotiation to balance between service quality, operational outcomes, and pricing;
  • transition support: we take every possible step to establish a sustainable outsourcing over time.

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