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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

KPMG professionals help clients achieve cost efficiency and improve their business performance.

KPMG team helps companies improve their operations and gain significant cost savings.

The global and Russian markets are demanding business and government to continually find ways to do more with less, to innovate and adapt, and sustain performance over time. KPMG Operational Excellence team helps companies improve their operations while driving value from changes in organization, location, process, technology and sourcing.

We team up with our clients to focus on their key success factors and identify the cost drivers for the company. We aim to bring significant cost savings from implementing more efficient operating models, improve value for money from outsourcing contracts and develop the right people and processes alongside a culture.

We work with all industry sectors, marrying our functional approach with a wide range of industry-specific skills. Our teams' unique experience immediately adds value to our clients’ requirements and we clearly articulate and evaluate tangible savings underpinned by evidence from the client organization, our personal experiences, market trends and vendor knowledge.

How KPMG can help

Our Operational Excellence team’s services include:

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