Corporate center 4.0

Companies have learned to adapt their products and services to market conditions and consumer needs. However, they need more time for their internal transformation to make the processes help them expedite the decision-making process instead of raising barriers.

We help our clients take a new look at the role of corporate centers and transform their management model in order to cut costs and boost the efficiency of their business, especially against the backdrop of the transition to working from home.

To achieve the maximum effect from the transformation of the corporate center, it is important to apply an integrated approach. Therefore, our services are focused on three core areas of transformation: business processes, organization structure and headcount model, and digital technologies.

Enhancement of production efficiency

Large industries are normally located far from the company headquarters, and management is not always aware of the details of how efficiently the production processes are organized. At the local level, people use time-proven methods of work, while management has no resources enough to take a fresh look at the processes and begin acting in a different way.

Our team offers modern approaches to managing a production enterprise. Our services include:

  • Development of a program to improve productivity and increase the cash flow from core operations of the company.
  • Audit of investments in the company’s production process, development of recommendations to optimize the investment projects portfolio.
  • Digitalization of the production management system, including the feasibility study and planning of introducing of the most recent production efficiency improvement tools.

Creation of Shared Service Centers (SSC)

As the company expands, the number of support functions and operational processes grows too. Processes in various business units often begin to overlap. If this is the case, we recommend that our clients concentrate all functions centrally in a shared services center (SSC) to avoid overlapping of functions and excessive operations.

Our team will help you create from scratch or improve your own service center. Our services include:

  • Development of an SSC operating model concept and design, including the chain of subordination and data exchange process design.
  • Development and implementation of a step-by-step plan of transferring processes in the SSC.
  • Optimization and expansion of the functional and geographic coverage of current SSCs, including the automation and elimination of excessive operations without which the SSC will work much faster and become more effective.