Corporate reporting

KPMG provides information disclosure and corporate annual and non-financial reporting consulting services.

In today’s business world it is necessary for companies to have a high level of transparency to be able to assess opportunities to create shareholder and stakeholder value. The key instrument for information disclosure and presenting the management’s vision of the company’s outlook and potential is an annual report, as well as non-financial reports prepared in accordance with international standards.

Sustainability reports are becoming more and more relevant: occupational health and safety, environmental and industrial safety, socio-economic impacts on other companies and regions of operation, HR and supply chain management, and charity and stakeholder engagement are covered in detail in these reports. The predominant guide for such reports is GRI Sustainability reporting guidelines.

Another promising initiative is the integrated annual report, which comprises information on business strategy, the business model, aspects of sustainable development, and the results of a company's activities. Such reports are prepared in compliance with the International Integrated Reporting Framework elaborated by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

The corporate reporting preparation process comprises the following steps:

  • elaborating and approving a report concept and structure
  • assistance in defining material aspects
  • data collection and analysis
  • elaborating and approving the report (in Russian and English)
  • editing the report
  • translating the report into English, Russian, and other languages

Good-quality corporate reporting helps a company demonstrate to stakeholders and potential investors its capabilities, opportunities, and management’s ability to respond successfully to changes in the business environment.