Social Investment Assessment

KPMG evaluates the effectiveness of sustainability orientated and social investment programs for companies from a wide range of industries and economic sectors.

Today, assessments of social investments and sustainability programs are becoming increasingly important. Timely and thorough assessments facilitate the improvement of both the program as a whole and individual elements within it, thus increasing returns on investment.

If you are seeking to improve the efficiency of your social investment and sustainability programs and to ensure that they are aligned with your current goals, KPMG will assess the current programs that exist in your company. Based on the assessment results we will elaborate recommendations for improvement.

Social investment and sustainability program assessment comprises the following steps:

  • analysis of the current situation, taking into account the specific features of selected programs, including evaluation planning, and approving and monitoring social investments;
  • developing key performance indicators and defining the assessment tools for each program;
  • assessing the effectiveness of program, particularly in relation to social investment expenditure and compliance with key performance indicators;
  • elaborating recommendations on efficiency improvements and social activities in general.