Risk management in the field of human rights in business

Requirements on the part of the investment community, ESG analysts, international organizations and other stakeholders to manage human rights risks are constantly growing.

Companies come across a wide range of human rights risks, including:

  • damage to human health as a result of adverse environmental conditions,
  • provision of unsafe working conditions,
  • discrimination of people by race, gender and other criteria,
  • forced displacement of local community,
  • the use of forced and child labor.

KPMG’s Global Business and Human Rights Network, comprising six continents, has expertise in human rights risk management, understands the economic, political, social and environmental specifics of the regions of the world, and is ready to provide comprehensive support to your company in the following areas:

  • development of human rights policies, instill responsible attitude and raising awareness of employees,
  • identification and assessment of risks in production operations and the supply chain,
  • elimination of consequences, development of risk prevention approaches,
  • reporting, disclosure and assurance of information on human rights.