Environmental Due Diligence

KPMG assesses compliance with legal and internal environmental, health and safety requirements.

Environmental due diligence services are commonly used to support decision-making during M&A processes. The reason for this is that acquirers wish to receive reliable information on the subject of the deal, especially on existing risks and potential obligations related to accurately estimating the value of assets. At the same time, the seller’s concern lies in preventive work to rule out or minimize existing risks in order to raise the value of assets.

On top of that, companies with an extensive network of industrial facilities want the management of business units to adhere to not only legal but also unified internal corporate requirements relating to environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

KPMG environmental due diligence services include an analysis of compliance with environmental requirements for occupational health and safety and consist of the following steps:

  • preparations to undertake the analysis (research of public sources, information requests to management, studying key corporate documents)
  • site visits (visiting production sites and the head office, interviewing employees responsible for assigned lines of work, analysing documentation)
  • preparing a report on the acquired results

The results of the analysis help form a road map for building an environmental due diligence system.

KPMG has extensive experience in elaborating environmental due diligence systems, including the reengineering of relevant business processes, preparing roles and responsibilities matrices, and developing necessary supporting corporate documents.