Climate change

KPMG provides consulting services related to climate change and energy efficiency.

The main goals in business today include ensuring proactive responses to various social and economic challengess. Focused work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, develop low-carbon technologies, and improve corporate energy efficiency provides a competitive advantage thanks to positive assessments being issued, and potential climate-related risks being handled effectively; in addition, a company’s competitiveness and investment attractiveness can be improved.

KPMG offers the following services related to Climate Change and energy efficiency:

  • сonsulting on and developing a GHG and energy efficiency corporate management system
  • GHG emission / absorption inventory and monitoring
  • measuring the Carbon Footprint / carbon performance indicators for all types of non-financial reporting
  • identifying GHG emission reduction potential and elaborating documentation for GHG emission reduction and energy efficiency improvement projects
  • managing climate risks
  • elaborating a corporate Low Carbon Development strategy
  • implementing TCFD (Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures) recommendations
  • holding trainings and workshops on implementing corporate systems for greenhouse gases emission management and carbon reporting in accordance with best international practice