Corporate Governance System Improvement

Corporate Governance System Improvement

Corporate governance is a key factor for companies’ sustainability and long-term successful development.

Ensure your company’s sustainability and long-term successful development.

KPMG provides services related to the comprehensive diagnostics of corporate governance systems, elaborates recommendations on related improvements, and assists in implementing necessary changes.

Almost every company has a need for an effective corporate governance system, as it enhances a company’s value and reduces capital raising costs. Investors and regulators often state that corporate governance is a key factor for a company’s sustainability and successful long-term development.

System diagnostics involves performing a comprehensive assessment of the current corporate governance practice, comparative analyses and benchmarking of similar companies, and making detailed recommendations. The diagnostics results allow the quality of top-management’s decision-making to be improved, ensure compliance with international standards and the standards of capital markets, build stakeholder trust, and increase overall investment attractiveness.

KPMG has the methodologies and instruments in place to perform comprehensive assessments of corporate governance systems, based on an analysis of a company’s strategic goals, its development stage, and stakeholder interests and expectations.

KPMG professionals put forward solutions and ideas on the following:

  • shareholder, investor, and other stakeholder rights;
  • the allocation of powers and responsibilities among a company’s management bodies / departments;
  • the efficiency of supervisory bodies (the board of directors structure, the efficiency of committees, absence of conflicts of interest, etc.);
  • the planning system and the efficiency of governance reporting;
  • the formalization and transparency of procedures related to the supervisory body and top-management remuneration system;
  • information transparency for stakeholders;
  • dividend policy transparency;
  • the efficiency of internal control and risk management systems;
  • the efficiency of the sustainability management system.

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