Financial and operational dealer review

Financial and operational dealer review

Quality information is key to success. Existing models of information transfer between Traders and Dealers are not effective. We found a new solution.

A new reality, new opportunities: creating new cooperation between Traders and Dealers

A need for new type of cooperation between Traders and Dealers

Global economic stagnation has led to the need to thoroughly rethink the relationship between Traders and their Dealers. The focus now is on a more transparent and efficient type of cooperation, which has the capacity to ensure the Trader receives all the financial and operational information that it needs to understand the effectiveness of Dealer’s efforts with respect to its own brand sales.

A key instrument that supports such cooperation is financial reports the Trader receives from the Dealer on a regular basis for the purpose of assessing Dealer performance. In most cases, these reports are based on unverified data collected from several data sources which do not reconcile and which present a distorted reality of the Dealer’s operational and financial activity.

The solution to ensuring good quality reporting from Dealers is regular financial and operational reviews, which can be tailored to the exact goals of the Trader and performed either on a sample or 100%, on-going or one-off basis in a given timeframe, for a selected reporting time period.

A carefully designed Dealer review can provide a valuable insight for Traders

When completed, a review of Dealer’s reports, will provide the Trader with a detailed overview of the quality of Dealer’s reporting. The results presented in a PowerPoint report format include:

  • A list of errors and omissions identified with description of root cause and recommendations for remediation;
  • Statistics on error number and type and status of their remediation;
  • Overall evaluation of quality of Dealer’s reporting and assessment of the effect of errors on the Dealer’s bottom line;
  • Comparative analysis of results across all Dealers included in the scope of the review;
  • Recommendations for enhancing Dealer’s quality of reporting;
  • Recommendations for enhancing Dealer’s reporting templates to improve the degree of transparency and relevancy for users.

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