Compliance hotline automation and outsourcing

Compliance with ethical standards and legal requirements is essential for efficient and transparent business management. Management is interested in obtaining valuable information that helps prevent financial losses and reduce reputational risks, contribute to countering fraud and abuse in a company. Such information can be received from employees of the company or third parties using a confidential communication channel – a hotline.

The company can organize the hotline itself, but in this case, employees may be afraid of prosecution after reporting violations. A third-party hotline ensures the confidentiality of reporting persons and facilitates an impartial investigation.

KPMG has been providing hotline services for more than five years. Our team has extensive experience in detecting cases of fraud, embezzlement, corruption and other violations in the field of ethical business. Forensic professionals who have undergone special training conduct a detailed investigation, structure the received information and transfer it to a client, after which an internal investigation can be initiated.

The service is implemented using four communication channels, which allows reporting persons to choose a convenient way to contact: telephone and answering machine, online portal, e-mail, chatbots in instant messengers.

Reports via these communication channels are accepted in Russian and English. Upon request, we can organize a hotline outside Russia and communication channels in other languages.

Besides, we offer an IT system KPMG Case Management for management of compliance incidents and hotline monitoring.

Company employees gain cloud access to the system (it is also possible to install the system on client servers) and the ability to track the receipt of reports as they are processed by operators. The system makes it possible to generate reports in a required format and track various statistics.