We help banks and other companies operating in the financial sector conduct independent financial investigations, assess the quality of assets, identify cases of asset withdrawals, and develop a strategy for their search and recovery.

What we do

  • Identify the facts and circumstances of asset withdrawals (including overseas) from banks and other financial sector companies
  • Identify borrowers with signs of conducting no real activities, identify fictitious or deliberate bankruptcies of borrowers, banks and other financial sector companies
  • Search for the ultimate beneficiaries of banks and other financial companies, establish economic and legal relationships between borrowers and counterparties, identify signs of fraudulent reporting
  • Identify suspicious transactions, find hidden patterns and other relationships in multidimensional data sets
  • Verify the fair value of collateral and the correctness of the execution of collateral documents, carry out field inspections of the property, as well as identify signs of manipulation of its value
  • Calculate losses, collect evidence for the court, prepare a legal position to bring persons controlling financial companies to subsidiary liability and to recover losses
  • Work with troubled assets of banks, make plans for the financial rehabilitation of borrowers, develop options for debt restructuring, determine the likelihood of bankruptcy

Your deliverables

  • Financial investigation report
  • Information on ultimate beneficiaries, their relationships and properties, including overseas
  • Calculation of losses and evidence of their existence
  • Ability to make a balanced decision on the possibility and appropriateness of a trial