Treasury Management

Treasury Management

Our KPMG team helps businesses implement innovative solutions in the ares of finance, risk and treasury management.

The KPMG team of experts knows the right way for finance, risk and treasury management

The main purpose of treasury management is to ensure the optimal level of liquidity at the lowest cost and the acceptable level of risk for the company to achieve its strategic goals. Proper treasury management will allow you to best use the available resources to minimize operating costs, and to avoid possible liquidity shortages in the future.

As part of the optimization of corporate treasury management, our team offers services in the transformation of the key treasury functions, including but not limited to the following areas – payment management, intra-group financing, bank interaction, placement of available funds, debt financing, collecting cash position, planning and forecasting, etc.

Our team offers you expert support in the following tasks:

  • cash and liquidity management;
  • bank interaction and corporate dealing;
  • financial planning and cash forecasting.

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