We have extensive experience in strategic cost-cutting and transformation of organizational and functional structures in Russian and foreign banks and insurance companies

Key tasks for your business:

  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Cost-cutting
  • Optimize business processes
  • Improve customer service and customer loyalty
  • Improve efficiency of business units
  • Optimize organizational structure

Our services

  • Strategic cost-cutting using benchmarking in areas:
    • payroll expenses;
    • IT costs;
    • marketing & advertising costs;
    • real estate costs;
    • transportation costs.
  • Operations function efficiency improvement
  • Support and service function cost optimization
  • Optimization of E2E-processes, including:
    • front office processes;
    • call center processes;
    • lending processes;
    • risk monitoring (PSA) and troubled debt;
    • Operations function processes.
  • Process-based management and Lean implementation
  • FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech implementation 

Selected projects

Comprehensive analysis of the operating efficiency by all functional areas of the bank (benchmarking with reference Russian and international banks) and assessment of headcount and personnel cost-cutting optimization potential.

Audit of processes and functional and role model, calibration of functions and identification of areas for improvement, including an integrated program of process automation and digitalization. Development of the concept of the target organizational and functional model of the Operations function. Analysis and re-engineering of key business processes.

Development of the target operating model for support functions, elaboration of recommendations on process and KPI optimization, design of the Operations function’s key processes, and development of the implementation plan

Other services