Robotic automation of business processes for a Top-3 Russian bank

Project goals

Optimization of business processes of the Operations function, including through their robotic automation (RPA)

Project objectives

  • Analysis of business processes of bank’s Operations function
  • Analysis of robotic automation practices: Russian and international experience
  • Assessment of the potential of process optimization and robotic automation, prioritization of processes for robotic automation purposes
  • Identification of necessary changes to priority business-processes for the purpose of their robotic automation
  • Implementation of a pilot project on process robotic automation
  • Choosing a platform for process robotic automation

Project deliverables

  • Identification of the potential for optimization of the Operations function processes
  • Selection of priority processes for optimization/robotic automation
  • Development of target process maps (Top-10)
  • Development of requirement specification for robotic automation platform
  • Definition of criteria for the selection of robotic automation platform
  • Identification of most suitable platforms for robotic automation of processes
  • Development of robotic automation regulations
  • Implementation of robotized process for private bankruptcy
  • Provision of recommendations on the creation of robotic automation competence center