Cost-cutting and end-to-end process optimization of the Operations function of a Top-10 Russian bank

Project goals

Improving the efficiency of bank’s Operations function and the reduction in its headcount by 2.5 times in 3 years

Project objectives

  • Audit of processes and a functional and role model, calibration of functions and identification of areas for improvement, including an integrated program of process automation and digitalization. Development of the concept of the target organizational and functional model of the Operations function. Analysis and re-engineering of key business processes
  • Standardization and benchmarking of functions/operations, identification of optimal headcount for bank’s Operations function to support its implementation strategy, taking into account re-engineering of business processes
  • Assessment of achievable effect from the implementation of recommendations and implementation plan

Project deliverables

  • Development of a pool of initiatives to increase bank’s Operations function performance, including a comprehensive program on automation and digitalization of processes
  • Elaboration of maps for target processes of bank’s Operations function (30 most labor-intensive processes of level 3)
  • Development of the concept of the Operations function’s target organization structure and the concept of transformation of regional operating centers, including their aggregation and relocation