Audit and reorganization of the management reporting for a Top-5 Russian bank

Project goals

Improvement of usability and flexibility of management reporting

Project objectives

  • Cataloging of management reporting (MR) services, including reporting forms, estimates, visualization and distribution methods
  • Review of business-customers’ requirements, GAP-analysis of services
  • Development of a target MR service model
  • Elaboration of a roadmap with the estimation of timeline and costs related to target solution implementation

Project deliverables

  • Report reviewing global practices in management reporting
  • Collection of reporting business requirements (finance, retail and volume business)
  • Gap analysis
  • Elaboration of recommendations on the development of operating model for MR preparation and management (including target organizational and service model)
  • Elaboration of recommendations on efficiency improvement and reduction of labor input for preparation of MR (including unification of sources and indicators, output of overlapping and unused reports)
  • Roadmap elaboration