Efficiency analysis and strategy development for a regional network of a large Russian bank

Project goals

  • Performance analysis of current regional network compared to reference Russian and international banks
  • Formulating the development strategy of bank’s regional network

Project objectives

  • Assessment of regional network’s performance indicators (benchmarks) and development of the target concept of allocation of authorities
  • Description of the network management target model
  • Analysis of bank’s support functions, identification of the potential to centralize the functions in order to reduce personnel costs
  • Preparing a roadmap for the implementation of initiatives

Project deliverables

  • The assessment of current network’s performance indicators (benchmarks) compared to reference banks, including international experience.
  • Development of a rating model of branches, which is based on the potential of certain regions, number of employees and target financial indicators.
  • Formulation of the target concept of authorities allocation between the head office and the branches, based on the analysis of best practices.
  • Formulation of principles of network development, including: the rules of opening and closing retail outlets, the benchmarks for payback period and formats.
  • Development of a functional model with the description of functions and the calculation of the potential from centralization based on best practices.