The KPMG actuarial services group has been working since 2008. We provide services to insurance companies, NPFs and companies in the real sector of economy engaged in various lines of business, including independent actuarial valuation of pension and long-term liabilities related to payments to employees as provided in IFRS 19, US GAAP or FAS 87, analysis and classification of employee benefits, various advisory services related to valuation of reserves and analysis of insurance losses in accordance with IFRS and IAS, pricing of new and existing products, valuation of reserves for insurance companies and NPFs as part of audit and deal advisory engagements for insurance companies and NPFs, and preparing independent actuaries’ reports. 

The Actuarial Services Group consists of 14 specialists including two senior managers who have 18 and 13 years of hands-on experience in actuarial modeling and consulting (13 years at KPMG), three managers, and other actuaries. Three KPMG specialists in Moscow office are responsible actuaries.

Our team members are members of the Guild of Actuaries Association, Association of Professional Actuaries, the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, and International Actuarial Association.

The Actuarial Services Group of KPMG Russia is a part of KPMG International Actuarial Services Practice uniting over 300 professionals from 30 countries worldwide. Exchanging experience with actuaries from the international network of KPMG firms and knowledge of Russian specifics enables us to provide quality actuarial services which meet current needs of the insurance and pension markets as well as real sector of Russian economy at large.

Our longstanding experience in accomplishing projects along with ongoing market research, benchmarking, and professional knowledge enable us to offer various solutions to our clients which meet the highest demands to actuarial calculations.