KPMG experts participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018

This year, the Forum was held with the slogan “Creating an economy of trust”.



From 24 to 26 May 2018, the International Economic Forum (SPIEF) took place in St. Petersburg. This Forum has been held annually to provide a platform for leaders of global economy and politics where they can discuss burning problems of Modern Age.

This year, as usual, KPMG delegates are actively involved in the SPIEF. Chairman of KPMG International Bill Thomas, Head of its Administrative Office Nikole Roberts, and Head of Global Japanese Desk in Europe, Central Asia, and Africa, Hiroaki Sugiura, came to Russia specifically to take part in the Forum. Bill Thomas moderated the session of Regional B20 Advisory Forum devoted to the Future of the Job Markets and took part in the meeting of global managers with the President Putin.

Oleg Goshchansky, Chairman and Managing Partner of KPMG in Russia and CIS, moderated the session entitled “The Future of Infrastructure: How will Business and Authorities Adapt to the New Environment?”, which was prepared with the support from KPMG, and took part in the discussion devoted to internet-based technologies in the agricultural sector.

Mikhail Orlov, Head of T&L, KPMG in Russia and CIS, took part in the session entitled “Will Budget and Tax Policy Become Economic Growth Factors?”.

Alexey Nazarov, Head of Public Sector, made presentations at two sessions of SMEs forum which preceded the substantive SPIEF program: “Export of Services in the Sphere of Small and Medium Business: Myth or Reality?” and “Small and Medium Business Development Tools: International Experience”.

The list of events did not include only business functions. A race was arranged on Krestovsky Island to coincide with the Forum – Roscongress Cup. SPIEF Race 2018. Our corporate team, which consisted of KPMG Partners Alexey Romanenko, Elena Ustyugova, Victor Akulian, and Vasily Savin, took part in this race.
Also, our colleagues shared their opinions on the topical issues discussed at the Forum with leading Russian business publications.

  • An article by Vitaly Sheremet for Forbes on the impact of innovations on agriculture.
  • Comments from Olga Surikova for Kommersant on investment projects in the Russian Arctic.
  • Comments from Olga Plevako for Kommersant on IPO market trends.
  • Comments from Stepan Svetankov for Kommersant on the main challenges of PPP.
  • Comments from Vitaly Sheremet for Kommersant on the application of IoT and AI in agriculture.
  • Comments from Ilya Strokin for Kommersant on innovations in agriculture.
  • An article by Olga Surikova for Forbes on what prevents us from developing Russian Arctic.

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