KPMG and St. Petersburg International Legal Forum present a report on business expectations from the legal profession

KPMG and St. Petersburg International Legal Forum

The purpose of the survey is to obtain understanding of employers' current satisfaction with candidates' quality, identify competencies critical to the successful candidate, evaluate the current availability of such competencies in the Russian legal market.


KPMG conducted a survey of more than 100 lawyers holding senior positions to understand their expectations from candidates for legal jobs. According to respondents, companies put a strong focus on the following when selecting staff:

  • A higher educational institution the candidate graduated from. MSU leads the rating followed by Saint-Petersburg State University and Kutafin Moscow State Law University, which are very close to each other.
  • A capability to express one's thoughts in a logical way and attention to detail. Unsurprisingly, 70% of legal department heads said they wouldn't consider a CV testifying to the lack of such qualities.The second important criterion here is the candidate's capability to present their expertise in a concise way. This requirement was mentioned by 44% of respondents.
  • Self-development. 73% of respondents specified self-development as one of the most significant achievements of candidates which would attract their attention when reading a CV. This may indicate executives' demand for goal-oriented, competent and developing professionals.

According to the survey, employers make active use of external information sources to get understanding of the candidate's personality. About half the respondents mentioned that they requested information about the candidate from their previous job and double-checked the details provided by the candidate during the interview. Every fourth respondent confirmed that they formed their opinion based on the analysis of the candidate's information from social networks.

At the same time an oral interview remains the key method for affirming whether the candidate meets the professional requirements specified or not. Only one-third of the respondents use additional checking methods such as written tests or essays.

To read the full survey, please follow the link (the survey is available only in Russian).

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