KPMG presents Tax Barometer: a quick survey of tax department employees from Russian and foreign companies

Quick survey of tax department employees from companies

The survey identified measures taken by different companies to maintain their tax efficiency in conditions of economic instability.


In December 2015 KPMG conducted a quick survey among representatives of Russian and foreign companies, mostly having not more than five people in their tax departments (42 percent of those surveyed). The aim of the survey was to see how companies operating in Russia improve their tax strategies trying to adapt to current crisis-related developments in the country's economy.

Most respondents (69 percent) noted that the current economic situation had influenced their tax status. This influence primarily meant that they had to rearrange their trading or financial structure in Russia (50 percent) and their tax function (45 percent).

Ninety four percent of the surveyed tax department employees use a conservative or balanced tax strategy, i.e. if there is a risk that application of a certain approach may constitute a tax offense, companies never or rarely apply this approach.

At the same time 74 percent of those surveyed note recent negative changes in communication with tax authorities. For the overwhelming majority of respondents (92 percent) these changes mean that tax authorities require submitting more documents.

More information on the survey findings can be found here (only Russian version).

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