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KPMG's New Year charity project

KPMG's New Year charity project

"People, not things" – KPMG's New Year charity project with the Center for Curative Pedagogics, Volunteers for Orphans, Prime Star cafés and Detskie Domiki Charity


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For KPMG, CSR activities have long since stopped being simply an internal priority; now they represent a civilised form of social dialogue that is attracting increasing interest from our clients. Accordingly, KPMG invites its employees each New Year to take part in charity projects that it organises in partnership with various not-for-profit organisations.

Starting from this year, KPMG is prioritising support for professional services that provide help for vulnerable children and their families, to ensure that the children can stay with their loved ones, support their development, and give them the chance to achieve more now and in the future. Their mothers and fathers can receive support to help them cope and to be better parents. We hope that our contribution will help to enhance such services and to make them more accessible.

To this end, KPMG is launching a new project called "People, not things". Under this project, all KPMG employees can choose any of four ways of helping socially and physically disadvantaged children and their families:

  • Paying for the services of child development specialists for clients of the Center for Curative Pedagogics
  • Paying for the services of a lawyer or psychologist for clients of Volunteers for Orphans
  • A family lunch at a Prime Star café
  • A visit with their mother to Detsky Mir to buy a present

Each employee can choose the present they think would be of most value in supporting vulnerable children and their families.


Coordinated assistance: Clients can choose what they need, while the helping organisations offer a choice of services, providing transparent and clear information on each of them.

Effective help: The services provided by the helping professionals are an extra resource for the families and their children.

A normal life for vulnerable families: Such families need as many aspects of life related to their children as possible to be normal. This will help them to cope and to feel like a normal family, with ordinary problems, as opposed to part of a group excluded from society with unusual problems that cannot be understood, who either cannot be helped or do not deserve help.

As a socially responsible company, we regard care for vulnerable children as one of our main priorities. As part of its CSR programmes, KPMG in Russia provides both financial and non-financial support to organisations providing services for socially and physically disadvantaged children, and we are proud to work with professionals in this field.

We very much hope that the "People, not things" things project will help families of such children to cope and to feel like equal members of society, and that it will lead to improved conditions for the children's development. The project is open to all. We would welcome the participation of other companies and private donors.

Our partners have further information about the project on their websites:

The Center for Curative Pedagogics

Volunteers for Orphans

DetskieDomiki Charity

Our help can make an impact; together, we can do more!

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