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Third year in a row that business students rank KPMG #2 in Universum's "World's Most Attractive Employers" survey

Third year in a row that business students rank K...

In the annual "World Most Attractive Employers" Universum survey rankings, over 75,000 business students from the world’s top academic institutions have given KPMG the number two spot for the third year in a row.


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KPMG also enjoys a high reputation among students in Russia and the CIS, where it beat the other Big Four firms to take 12th place in the Business/Commerce category.

"KPMG in Russia and the CIS is the market leader for audit and advisory services in Russia. Our success is due to our team of top professionals who aim to achieve the best results in their field and to a corporate culture that allows our people to use and develop their talents. KPMG stays ahead of the competition by hiring the best professionals in the market and encouraging them to grow and to set and achieve ambitious goals.

We put a lot of effort into our work with graduates, and it is very pleasing that in turn students from leading academic institutions around the world prefer KPMG as a potential employer," said Oleg Goshchansky, Senior Partner and Chairman of the CIS Executive. "Any student will be attracted by the opportunity to realise their potential and, of course, to be paid well for their work. Our employees take part in interesting and complex engagements, gaining unique experience and knowledge that helps them to grow professionally and personally and to become more competitive in the labour market. This is why so many students dream that their first job will be at KPMG."

Universum, a global talent consultant, develops its global index of the top 50 most attractive employers by asking students pursuing business and engineering degrees to identify their "ideal" employer. This year, responses were gathered at leading academic institutions in the 12 largest economies: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, the US and the UK.

"Attracting top students into our firms enables us to bring the best talent, expertise and knowledge to our clients," said Michael Andrew, Chairman of KPMG International. "We are proud that students globally are recognizing our employment offer and have ranked us so highly for the third consecutive year. What makes the ranking especially meaningful is that it is based on the opinions of those who represent the future of KPMG and our clients.”


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