On this page you can find KPMG publications and reviews on the anti-crisis measures taken by the state against the backdrop of increasing external restrictions. KPMG professionals are always ready to help with any questions you may have regarding both legislation and practical steps in the tax, legal and investment spheres aimed at minimizing losses caused by the current economic situation.

In the media

Comments from Mikhail Orlov for Vedomosti on the proposal to amnesty entrepreneurs jailed for economic crimes.

Comments from Donat Podnyek for Vedomosti on the risks of revoking golden passports granted to Russians.

Comments from Lydia Solodovnikova for Kommersant on the introduction of a moratorium on bankruptcy.

Comments from Victoria Turgeneva for Kommersant on the increase in the tax burden and the shortfall in revenues by oil and gas companies.

Comments from Alexey Abramov for Vedomosti on the possibility of introducing a moratorium on bankruptcy.

Comments from Donat Podnyek​ for Forbes on the termination of the exchange of tax information between Russia and the United Kingdom.

Comments from Mikhail Orlov for Vedomosti on new tax measures to support business.

Comments from Donat P​odnyek for Vedomosti of 28 FebruaryRBCKommersant of 1 FebruaryVedomosti of 3 FebruaryIzvestia, and Kommersant of 4 February on the issues of capital amnesty against the background of sanctions.

Comments from Alexander Tokarev for Vedomosti on the effect of sanctions on the transfer of companies to SAR.

Comments from Alexander Tokarev for Kommersant on changes in SAR operating conditions