Victoria Turgeneva

Archive of interviews, articles and comments for the media.

Archive of interviews, articles and comments for the media.

Comments for Vedomosti on the idea of financing tax concessions for reducing CO2 emissions using fees accumulated via stricter regulation.

Comments for Kommersant on the expansion of the use of TAI in the oil industry.

An article for Kommersant Supplement on how the oil and gas sector reacts to decarbonization.

Comments for Vedomosti on the taxation of the metals industry.

Comments for Vedomosti on the outlook of the existing excess-profits tax regime for the oil industry.

Comments for Kommersant on the plans of the Ministry of Finance regarding the Excess-Profits Tax.

Comments for Kommersant on the proposal to prohibit the transfer of dangerous cargo from ship to ship.

Comments for Kommersant on the idea of creating a fund that will eliminate the impact of companies' operations on the environment.

Comments for Izvestia on tax reforms in the oil industry.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on adjusting the additional income tax in oil & gas.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on factors affecting the efficiency and intensity of the Russian shelf development.  

Comments for Kommersant on the extent of exploration of a subsoil site in Yamal.

An article for Kommersant on how the oil & gas taxation system will change in 2020.

Comments for Kommersant on the most effective scenario for OPEC+ agreement development.

Comments for Kommersant on the profitability of shelf projects at current oil prices and under the existing tax system.

Comments for Vedomosti on an extension of new rules governing the recognition of losses until 2021.

Comments for Kommersant on an extension to a Tax Code provision that allows sanctioned companies not to pay profit tax when selling shares in subsidiaries.

Comments for RBC on payments considered by the Ministry of Finance when calculating the share of oil and gas revenues in total revenues of the federal budget.

Comments for Kommersant on a potential imposition of severance tax on associated petroleum gas.

Comments for RIA Novosti on obstacles to shelf project development in the Arctic.

An article for Kommersant on the introduction of a tax on additional income from the extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials.

Comments for Vedomosti on a draft law proposing to cut investors' tax expenses in the event of withdrawal from a company or its winding-up, and to simplify tax payment in complex possession schemes.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on promoting foreign technologies in Russia for higher-added-value products.