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Archive of interviews, articles and comments for the media.

Archive of interviews, articles and comments for the media.

Comments for Kommersant on the liberalization of legislation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Comments for Pharmvestnik on the problem of counterfeiting on the nutraceutical market.

Comments for RBC+ on restrictions on the import of medical equipment.

Comments for RBC on the MRI diagnostics in Belarus.

Comments for RBC+ on the advantages of the EAEU unified pharmaceutical market.

Comments for on medical ecosystems.

Comments for Vedomosti on factors hindering the development of telemedicine.

An article for on the profitability of the pharmaceutical industry in 2020.

Comments for on the pricing on the drug market.

Comments for Kommersant Supplement on the prospects for creating a single pharmaceutical market in the EAEU.

Comments for on the qualification requirements for pharmacists and their role in the healthcare system.

Comments for Kommersant on the regulatory burden associated with entering the pharmaceutical drug delivery market.

Comments for The Moscow Times on how private medicine operates during the pandemic.

Comments for RBC-TV on the shortage of medical face masks.

An article for on pharmaceutical pricing.

Comments for Pharmvestnik on the labelling of pharmaceutical products .

An article for Moskovskiye Apteki on excessive red-tape in the reimbursement of medicines.

Comments for Pharmvestnik on setting the medicinal products' labelling process in a company. 

An article for Vedomosti on the future of medicine.

Comments for Utrace on the advantages of product labelling.  

Comments for Pharmvestnik on the introduction of drug labelling and traceability in Russia.

Comments for Pharmvestnik on a draft law proposed by the Ministry of Health to develop patent rights' protection.

Comments for Kommersant Novosibirsk on the state of the Russian commercial healthcare market.

Comments for on opening pharmacies in shopping areas that have FMCG retailers.

Interview for RBC TV on VAT zero rate repeal for medical goods.

An interview for Pharmvestnik on the Pharma-2030 programme strategy.

An article for Moscow Medicine on medical care regulatory discrepancies.

An article for Moscow Medicine on instances of civil rights violations when seeking medical care under compulsory health insurance.

Comments for Pharmvestnik on constraints preventing domestic medications from entering the market.

Comments for RBC+ on the development outlook of the pharmaceutical industry.

Comments for Kommersant – Rostov on Don on the need for adjustments to pharmaceuticals' localisation requirements.

An interview for CFO Russia on essential public speaking skills.

Comments for on introducing traceability in the milk industry.

Comments for on changes in the labelling of medicines.

Comments for on the compulsory licensing of pharmaceuticals.

Comments for RIA FederalPress on healthcare-related subjects at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

Comments for PharmVestnik on the BAA market in Russia.

Comments for PharmVestnik on limiting the number of pharmacies in Russia.

An interview for RBC-TV on the outlook for private medicine.

Comments for Kommersant on the private medicine market.

Comments for RBC-TV about private medicine in Bashkiria.

Comments for Pharmaceutical Vestnik on medicine shortages.

Comments for the portal Pharmpersonal on HR budgets in the pharmaceutical market.

Comments for Trud on private healthcare in Russia.

Comments to Pharmvestnik about distribution forms in international practice.

Comments for Vedomosti about digitalisation of medicine in the regions.

Comments for Pharmvestnik about the market interest to the rank “Medical Advisor".

Comments for RBC+ about the popularity of private health care centres.

Comments for Pharmvestnik about medical waste disposal.

Comments for Kommersant about pharmaceutical clusters.

Comments for about the digitalisation of medicine.