Ilya Shalenkov

Archive of interviews, articles and comments for the media.

Archive of interviews, articles and comments for the media.

Comments for Kommersant on the outlook for launching a bug bounty platform in Russia, which will become an aggregator of programs for ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities.

Comments for ICT.Moscow on the new concept of the cyber security standard being developed in Russia.

Comments for Telesputnik on which companies pay more attention to cybersecurity.

Comments for Telesputnik on the cost of cybersecurity trainings.

Comments for RBC on the compromise of biometric data.

Comments for Zvezda on video surveillance system breaches.

Comments for Kommersant on how hackers can exploit video surveillance cameras with open IP.

Comments for Kommersant on the users of VPN applications.

Comments for Kommersant on cyber literacy in companies. 

Comments for Forbes on the Federal Trade Commission requiring major tech companies to share information about how they collect and use data from users.

Comments for on draft regulations developed by the European Commission as part of a new data management strategy aimed at boosting efficiency.

Comments for Kommersant on the level of practical skills of information security specialists in the CIS.

Comments for Forbes on the technical aspects of blocking popular Internet platforms.

Comments for Kommersant on cybersecurity drills.

Comments for Kommersant on transferring critical information infrastructure to domestic software and equipment.

Comments for Kommersant Supplement on demand for IS consulting during the rapid transition to remote work due to the pandemic

Comments for Kommersant on Russian state-owned companies transitioning to domestic software.

Comments for Kommersant on the law on special legal regimes (regulatory sandboxes).

Comments for Forbes on the reliability of a platform developed by Belarusian programmers for the alternative counting of votes in presidential elections.

Comments for Kommersant on a data leakage of free VPN services' users.

An article for Vedomosti on how to protect corporate data when working remotely.

Comments for Kommersant on threats to cybersecurity related to a large-scale switch to remote work.

Comments for Kommersant on postponing informational security projects at the clients' initiative.  

Comments for Kommersant Supplement on cybersecurity in power and utilities.

An article for Forbes on Russian business compliance with GDPR.

Comments for Vedomosti on the definition of personal data given in the GDPR.

Comments for the magazine Kommersant Dengi on issues related to information security.

Comments for on online fraud related to bank cards.

Comments for Vedomosti on data leakage.

Comments for about state-wide standards in the information security sector.

Comments for Kommersant about information security for employees.

An article for on cybercrimes.

Comments for Kommersant on state-level cybersecurity.

Comments for about antivirus code audits.