Igor Korotetskiy

Archive of interviews, articles and comments for the media.

Archive of interviews, articles and comments for the media.

Comments for Ng.ru on the link between global risks and sustainability trends.

Comments for Kommersant on disputes between the Ministry of Natural Resources and industrialists on the application of emission calculation methods for various industrial facilities.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on which sectors of the Russian economy may be impacted by the introduction of a carbon tax in the EU.

Comments for RBC +1 on the impact of the crisis on companies' plans to integrate sustainable development ideas into their business.

Comments for Radio Sputnik on actions to minimise risks to Russian business from the introduction of the EU carbon fee.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on why the EU carbon fee significantly impacts Russian exporters.

Comments for TASS on the implications of the EU carbon tax for Russian companies.

Comments for Kommersant on creating a liquidation fund to solve the problem of the abandoned assets of bankrupt subsoil users

Comments for RBC+ on the results of the KPMG survey on the impact of the pandemic on production.

Comments for Kommersant on amendments to environmental legislation requiring companies to approve with the government their response plans in the event of spills, as well as budgets for preventing them.

Comments for a bulletin prepared by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation on why sustainability issues are progressively more relevant to Russian business and the country as a whole.

Comments for Advis.ru on the impact of the pandemic on production, including in terms of sustainability.

An article for RBC Pro on the causes of occupational accidents.

Comments for RBC+ on the impact of the pandemic on the green agenda.

Comments for RBC+ on sustainability as the main goal for business in the current circumstances.

Comments for Kommersant Supplement on subsidising green bonds.

Comments for Vedomosti on a draft public financial reporting law from the Russian Ministry of Finance. 

An interview for RBC-TV on a potential introduction of new rules for the utilisation of car tires.

Comments for Vedomosti on a demand for executive board effectiveness assessment services.

Comments for RBC-TV on the results of KPMG survey of best practice in occupational health and safety.

RBC PRO on the results of KPMG survey of best practice in occupational health and safety.

Comments for Vedomosti on the outlook for implementing responsible business standards in Russia.

Comments for Business FM on international practice vis-à-vis implementing responsible business standards.

An article for RBC PRO on how Russian companies are adopting the principles of sustainable development.

Comments for Uralpress.ru оon the necessity to stimulate business pay attention to environmental agenda.  

Comment for RBC TV on the plastic waste problem.

Comments for Asi.org.ru on the need to systematically integrate sustainability principles into business processes.

Comments for Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the construction costs of an incineration plant with a total capacity of around 1 million tonnes.

Comments for Vedomosti on legislation initiated to corporatise Russian Post.