In 2020 and 2021 Russian mining and metals companies fully demonstrated and continue to demonstrate business characteristics essential for prosperity – flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions.

In addition to the global pandemic, the volatility of world prices, the falling demand for power generating coal, we also have to take into account the increasing MET, the growing focus of investors and regulators on environmental and sustainable development issues, consumers’ and government agencies’ pressure on prices in the domestic market, and logistics restrictions of the rail transport.

Of course, not everyone can successfully perform management functions under the influence of such a set of external factors. Although some companies experienced serious difficulties with sales and working capital in 2020, in general, the industry successfully passed the peak of uncertainty and recovered.

Strategic priorities of large businesses development have shifted towards greater automation and digitalization, as well as the social agenda, HR management and environment. These trends will only strengthen in the future.

Risks and Opportunities for Mining

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