In 2020, even best laid plans were hijacked by COVID-19. And the uncertainty of the pandemic still hangs all around us. But the world is already moving forward. Expect the infrastructure sector to emerge from the crisis with renewed vigor, fulfilling a key role as a catalyst to sustainable economic recovery.

This year, we have attempted to look past COVID-19 to identify the long-lasting trends that will influence the infrastructure sector over the next 10 years. But our view is that, where COVID-19 defined 2020, it will be growth, sustainability and resilience that will define this year and this decade. The opportunities exist for the world to achieve great things. We believe this will be the year the world rolls up its sleeves and delivers on some of those opportunities.

Emerging trends in infrastructure 2021 strives to go beyond simply reporting the trends to instead offer our global perspective on how these trends are creating new opportunities and challenges for infrastructure players. In our predictions, we offer thoughts on how each trend will evolve, how infrastructure players will respond and the wider impacts on society.

Emerging Trends in Infrastructure

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Key trends in infrastructure in 2021

Trend 1: Uncertainty creates planning complexity
How must infrastructure adapt in order to support potential new ways of living and working?

Trend 2: Cities rethink their value proposition
How will cities adapt to evolving needs? The need for some form of reinvention is looming.

Trend 3: Borders become real again
What is ahead for airport and port operators?

Trend 4: Infrastructure supply networks evolve
Infrastructure developers will start to think more broadly about their supply strategies.

Trend 5: New finance floods the market
A swell of new financing options are becoming available to infrastructure projects.

Trend 6: Toward a greener, fairer rebuild
Society is calling for a greener, fairer and more sustainable rebuild of the world economy.

Trend 7: Resilience jumps up the agenda
Asking the difficult questions about the resilience of infrastructure assets.

Trend 8: Delivering securely in a digital world
Over the coming year, expect the focus on connectivity to sharpen significantly.

Trend 9: Government gets permission to transform
Governments embrace their new-found ability to make radical change.

Trend 10: Governments look for partners
Expect new partnerships ahead, driven by innovation.