Special investment contracts (SIC, SPIC)

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Special investment contract (SPIC)* is a measure of state support in the form of agreement between investor and government authorities represented by the RF or/and regional authorities of the RF or/and municipal authorities aimed at the following purposes:

  • Creation or modernization of industrial production;
  • Introduction of the best available technologies;
  • Development of industrial production which has no analogues produced in the RF.

On this webpage, KPMG team analyses the main legal framework for launching the SPIC 2.0 mechanism, as well as shares expertise on the rules for conclusion, amendment and termination of SPIC 2.0 . Having achieved an extensive list of successful projects in which we supported projects to gain government support measures and conclude special investment contracts, KPMG team are now ready to provide you with comprehensive support in all stages when concluding a SPIC 2.0 contract, including assistance in the preparation and analysis of documents for participation in the competitive selection process and at all subsequent stages.

*Regulation of the Russian federation Government of 16 July 2015 No. 708 “On special investment contracts for certain industries”, Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 31 December2014 “On industrial policy of the Russian Federation”