Pricing agreements and other transfer pricing issues

KPMG reviews on amendments to the Tax Code

KPMG reviews on amendments to the Tax Code

Federal Law # 6-FZ “On Amending Part One of the Russian Tax Code (hereinafter “RTC”)” was signed by the President and published on 17 February 2021.

The Law aims to improve the process by which advanced pricing agreements (hereinafter “APA”) are concluded, and is intended to clarify a number of the provisions defining controlled transactions, as well as certain other amendments to the RTC.

The Law will take effect one month from the date of official publication, i.e. on 17 March 2021. A detailed review of the main provisions of the Law are outlined in our published materials available on this webpage.

Our KPMG team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about this Law in more detail, assist you in obtaining an APA, or help with any other issues related to the application of transfer pricing law. Detailed information about our services, including how we can assist you to enter into pricing agreements with the tax authorities, is available on our KPMG website.