About the M&A Radar

KPMG in Russia has been conducting annual reviews of the M&A market for 15 consecutive years, tracking key trends and analysing their impact on near-term investment activity. Our conclusions and forecasts are based on a comprehensive analysis of M&A market data as well as our extensive experience in supporting M&A deals and processes across the Russian market.

In these turbulent times we have decided to share our thoughts on the M&A market more frequently, and are pleased to announce that we will be issuing a shorter format of the survey, quarterly, called Russian M&A Radar. This interactive tool will allow readers to analyse detailed data on M&A deals in Russia related to various sectors of the economy, and also study the dynamics that are taking place.

To explore the interactive version of the overview in a new browser tab, click here (please use Google Chrome). 

M&A Radar in Numbers


The deal database includes transactions with the participation of Russian companies in the domestic and international markets 


The database contains transactions since 2013, and we continue to update it regularly


The report provides an opportunity to analyze transactions for each separate industry


You are given an opportunity to analyze the dynamics, structure, geography of transactions for the entire observation period